The Gfs Grid-Finger-Splint is made in Germany           and offers a lot of advantages as:

  • the injured skin is given a chance to breath
  • it also speeds up the heeling process
  • easy to use


No minimum order value and dispatch in the EU within 3 working days.

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Made in Germany



With its natural temperature regulation, the
Grid-Finger-Splint prevents perspiration and therefore unpleasant moisture build-up, so that macerations of the skin and itching cannot occur.

The Grid-Finger-Splint are available in ten sizes and can be supplied in transparent or skin colour.

Velcro Fastener


The material ( Back to Back Pilz / Velours ) is supplied in rolls which are then perforated 150 mm x 12 mm and packaged in poly-bags containing 25 units each.



The Assortment box is esspecially popular as a starter set.


It Contains Velcro fasteners a 25 units
and a total of 50 splints.



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