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We are happy about your interest in our company. About 30 years ago, my father, Mr. Dieter Reinert, founded this company. The “Gesellschaft für orthopädische Schienen mbH” was founded in Hamburg, Germany in 1987. We are proud to be a family owned business.

Our objective is to create a Grid-Finger-Splint which solves the problem of skin maceration
(moisture congestion / build-up) and at the same time proves to be easy in the application for doctors and patients. In July 2000, Mrs Marion Möller took over the company as well as the company`s philosophy - fairness and respect for employees and customers. Targeted and solution-oriented when it comes to the further development of our product.


Materials, processing and development determine the quality of our Grid-Finger-Splints. In 2006, new tools for improved production were developed. Since 2009, a completely new kind of hook-and-loop Velcro-fasteners are manufactured. Throughout the years we have built trustworthy relationsships with cooperation partners in Europe and the USA.

The Team

Marion Möller

Managing Director

Edmund Möller

Marketing Coordinator

Alexandra Hoge

Account Manager

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